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The Awful Fic Pt. 1
The Awful Fic Pt. 2
The Awful Fic Pt. 2 Epilogue
The Awful Fic Pt. 2 Postscript
The Awful Fic Pt. 3
The Awful Fic Pt. 2 Postscript

Simon, having spent a restful night at Joel's house, stepped out of the shower and wrapped up in a bath sheet. Rubbing himself dry, he was humming happily to himself as he opened up his dufflebag and pulled out...a lime green leisure suit? Oh, no! go along with it, a sequined red, white and blue bow tie. Not to mention...Simon groaned as he looked at the last item in the duffle bag, grateful that there was no one there to see him blush.

Looking up towards the ceiling, he vented his frustration, blushing and cursing under his breath, he screamed, "SANDBAG!!!"