The Awful Fic Pt. 1
The Awful Fic Pt. 2
The Awful Fic Pt. 2 Epilogue
The Awful Fic Pt. 2 Postscript
The Awful Fic Pt. 3

Welcome to the home of 3peasinapod!

Right now, the only story on this site is the *The Awful Fic*. It was written in response to Angie's challenge on the Cascade Times list to write an awful TS fic. It *is* awful, but give it a try!

Disclaimer: The Sentinel and its characters are the property of Pet Fly, UPN, Paramount, and The SciFi Channel BUT we really don't think they'd claim this version of the guys!


   No kidding!

We hope you enjoy our truly awful fic!


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